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Li Ch’utam’s vision is to promote sustainable development while improving possibilities and conditions for local inhabitants through innovative and cutting-edge initiatives at the community level.



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Individual contributions make a huge difference for Li Ch’utam by improving our capacity to achieve our organizational goals. We offer complete transparency to our donors and are happy to answer your questions via email. General donations are used to maintain our IT Center and Volunteer Housing, purchase supplies for extra-curricular activities, end of year school trips, and other operational costs. Li Ch’utam and the residents of the Polochic Valley appreciate your support and welcome any contribution you can make, from one time to recurring contributions. Click above to make a donation now!

Sponsor a Child

Secondary education (starting at 13 years old) is not publically funded in Guatemala and therefore costs must be covered by families. Most of the families in the Polochic Valley are very poor so our scholarships cover tuition, transportation, supplies, and other school fees. All scholarship recipients also benefit from Li Ch’utam’s other educational resources including our IT Center, tutoring, and library resources. For as little as 240 Euro a year, you can ensure a child has the financial resources to continue his/her education. Click above to make a donation now!

Become Part of the Team

Li Ch’utam is constantly looking for energetic individuals to join our team, either in Guatemala or remotely from Europe. We try to have a group of five volunteers stationed in the village in the Polochic Valley year-round so are always accepting applications. We also have a team of volunteers who support the organization remotely from across Europe, assisting with fundraising, financial management, recruitment, communication, etc. If you cannot commit to working in Guatemala but still want to become more involved with Li Ch’utam- we would love to hear what skills you can bring to the team! Click above for more information!


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14 hours ago

Li Ch'utam Guatemala

Feliz Día del Maíz de parte de Anderson y su mama! 🌽🌽

El maíz es de los tiempos ancestrales la base alimentaria de la población guatemalteca. Es símbolo de la mitología, los calendarios, la cosmovisión y la espiritualidad del pueblo maya.

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21 hours ago

Li Ch'utam Guatemala

More than a half of entry-level jobs in Guatemala require computer proficiency BUT many rural communities lack access to modern technology.

--> Your sponsorship allows students to access better jobs and further their education! 🤩

👉 Donate for the Education and Technology Program HERE:
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Together for the youth of Guatemala 👊🇬🇹

---> www.lichutam.org
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International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples 2018!🇬🇹

🤔 Did you know that....
The majority of indigenous peoples in Guatemala are of Mayan descent. The Mayans of Guatemala are the only indigenous culture that constitutes a majority of the population in a Central American republic.
There are 21 different Mayan communities in Guatemala making up an estimated 51 per cent of the national population.

#internationaldayworldsindigenouspeople #indigenousculture #guatemalaculture #discoverguatemala #Qeqchi #Qeqchiculture
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The brief story of our Study Support Program. 🤓 💚
👉What you can do with 10 Euro? 💭
--> lichutam.org/es/donate/
La breve historia de nuestro Programa de Apoyo al Estudio. 🤓 💚
👉Que puedes hacer con 10 Euro? 💭
--> lichutam.org/es/donate/
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