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Li Ch’utam’s vision is to promote sustainable development while improving possibilities and conditions for local inhabitants through innovative and cutting-edge initiatives at the community level.



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Individual contributions make a huge difference for Li Ch’utam by improving our capacity to achieve our organizational goals. We offer complete transparency to our donors and are happy to answer your questions via email. General donations are used to maintain our IT Center and Volunteer Housing, purchase supplies for extra-curricular activities, end of year school trips, and other operational costs. Li Ch’utam and the residents of the Polochic Valley appreciate your support and welcome any contribution you can make, from one time to recurring contributions. Click above to make a donation now!

Sponsor a Child

Secondary education (starting at 13 years old) is not publically funded in Guatemala and therefore costs must be covered by families. Most of the families in the Polochic Valley are very poor so our scholarships cover tuition, transportation, supplies, and other school fees. All scholarship recipients also benefit from Li Ch’utam’s other educational resources including our IT Center, tutoring, and library resources. For as little as 240 Euro a year, you can ensure a child has the financial resources to continue his/her education. Click above to make a donation now!

Become Part of the Team

Li Ch’utam is constantly looking for energetic individuals to join our team, either in Guatemala or remotely from Europe. We try to have a group of five volunteers stationed in the village in the Polochic Valley year-round so are always accepting applications. We also have a team of volunteers who support the organization remotely from across Europe, assisting with fundraising, financial management, recruitment, communication, etc. If you cannot commit to working in Guatemala but still want to become more involved with Li Ch’utam- we would love to hear what skills you can bring to the team! Click above for more information!


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1 week ago

Li Ch'utam Guatemala

Trabajo en conjunto!
Working together!Un gran agradecimiento a la asociación Li Ch'utam, en particular a Julia Gómez y Waldemar, por llegar a Sepur a examinar la vista de los niños. Fue una experiencia muy buena.
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Muchas gracias @ecociudadanos1 por su charla tan informativa acerca del recyclaje y de cuidar a nuestro medio ambiente! Creemos que sus palabras llegaron a los corazones de muchas personas y esperamos ver un cambio en el futuro! 😊 Tenemos que empezar por nosotros mismos. 💪🏼 Muchas gracias también a nuestro excelente traductor Abelino!
#recycle #byebyeplastic #trashfree
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This week we started with our new project: eye examinations for the kids of Li Ch’utam! Since a good sight is crucial for learning and the ability to write and read, thanks to HIT Stiftung we will be able to provide glasses to the kids who need them. We are so thankful! 🙏🏼 Also because getting an eye test and buying glasses is not possible in the area where we live.
We are happy that we can extend this project also to the surrounding villages in the Valle del Polochic. We have already tested about 100 kids and still have 500 to go 😊💪🏼🤓! #eyetesting #freeeyetesting #hitstiftung #lichutam #glasses
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1 month ago

Li Ch'utam Guatemala

Estamos muy contentos de poder cooperar con la organización Ecociudadanos (www.ecociudadanos.org)! Ellos van a llegar a Nueva Mercedes realizando un workshop educativo sobre la importancia del ambientalismo, el recyclaje y la reutilizacion de plásticos!

„La cultura ambiental nos permite cuidar y preservar el medioambiente por lo tanto tenemos que aprender y enseñar buenos hábitos y valores para el mejoramiento del mismo.“

Muchas gracias Animazul por tu gran apoyo economico de este proyecto! Estamos convencidos que los conocimientos de Ecociudadanos tendrán un impacto en la comunidad de Nueva Mercedes y estamos orgullosos de recibirlos!En el corazón de la Verapaces existen personas que han llegado con el ánimo de mejorar la educación y entorno a los pobladores de Nueva Mercedes y La Ceiba y es así como Li Ch'utam y Ecociudadanos unirán esfuerzos para promover el cuidado del medio ambiente y dotar de conocimiento a los pobladores del lugar para poder cuidar mejor de la naturaleza
#Ecociudadanos #LiCh'utam #EducaciónAmbiental
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Feliz día del cariño a todos que nos apoyan constantemente y creen en nuestro trabajo con los niños del Valle del Polochic! 💜❤️🧡💛💚💙 Hoy nos hemos dicho entre todos cosas bonitas sobre nuestra persona y hicimos una manualidad de corazones en representación del cariño y la amistad. Estamos todos felices y esperamos que todos lo hayan pasado bien! 😊 #diadelcariño #amor #amistad #gracias #lichutam #guatemala ... See MoreSee Less

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