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IT & Knowledge Center

From 2017 on we are planning our next phase in regards to educational improvement and project facilitation. The centerpiece of our day to day activity will be an IT education center fitted with computers and a small library. The center should offer the children and the youth of Nueva Mercedes and the surrounding area an opportunity to improve their IT literacy. Furthermore we will provide supervised first steps to move around the World Wide Web and make use of the information and knowledge already out there.

With the IT centre building, Lichutam Will provide better infrastructure for Computing ‘edulibre’ workshops as well as access to information. Bellow the little ones enjoying learning through interactive gaming (actually happening in the school village)

TWe are currently looking to already existing initiatives in the area to improve our own written Curriculum and improve the IT based education with our partners and fellow campaigners. To see what is already going on around us check the EuroSolar Project and Coeduc IT Centre Project.